The 6 Dangers of Building a Website from Scratch

by Bianca Board on 24 September 2013

As a web designer, I’ve heard all the pros and cons of using templates or layouts over building a website from scratch.

If you’re a creative genius, I don’t blame you for finding the idea of building a website from scratch appealing. It certainly appealed to me when I was a young designer who was still wet behind the ears!

Building a website from scratch every time sounds good on paper. BUT but in practise, building a unique website for every one of your clients can be time consuming, expensive and keyboard destroyingly frustrating.

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How To Jump Ship From Print to Web Design

by Bianca Board on 7 October 2013

OK, the first thing is: DON'T PANIC!! The second thing is... are you ready? Print design isn’t what it used to be.

But then, you probably know that already. You can see it in the closed print businesses around town, and you can see it when your phone doesn't ring like it used to, right?

I’ve already talked about why print design is dying, so today I want to talk to you about how you can escape the slow decline and move into web design.

Hey, are you hyperventilating?? I said ‘don’t panic’ remember? Breathe deeply and go with me here!

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How To Become A Graphic Design Rockstar: Be Controversial

by Bianca Board on 29 September 2013

When I was researching inspirational quotes by designers I came across so many I loved and wanted to share with you. There were so many that made me stop and think. But, there was one EXTRA special one that made me pause... and not because it was inspirational, but because it annoyed the hell out of me!

It was a completely self-obsessed and arrogant comment that reminded me of a few bad-egg designers who I’d worked with in the past... designers I didn’t want to work with again. 

Here’s the quote and you’ll see what I mean: 

"Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs." - Frank Chimero.

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21 Ways to Screw Up The ROI of Your Client’s Website

by Bianca Board on 10 October 2013

Do you care if your clients make a return on their website? You should, because your business depends on it.

These days clients expect more. They want websites that go well beyond the pretty brochure sites of yesteryear, now they want (and deserve) lead-generating and profit-making machines.

Let's look at some of the ways you can design high-performance websites. You don't need to be be able to code, you just need some common sense, some basic marketing knowledge and a framework that ensures you never miss a trick. 

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How to Get Your First 20 Design Clients In Under 48 Hours

by Bianca Board on 18 October 2013

I think it’s safe to say that the scariest things about diving into the land of the self-employed designer is the sheer terror of how you’re going to get your first few clients. All those fears, questions and doubts start flooding your mind… all the ‘what if’ scenarios. The panic starts to set in and your feeling of excitement is now a feeling of anxiety and self-doubt.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, you think to yourself “WTF have I just done?”

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A Powerful Technique to Get Constructive Client Feedback the First Time [with FREE Download]

by Bianca Board on 6 December 2013
You’d have to agree with me when I say: “Getting feedback from a client is often like getting blood from a stone.” Well read this post to find out how to get that feedback first time... every time. And look out for my freebie at the end! You'll love it, I promise. It's okay, you can buy me a drink later to say thanks... [read more...]

5 Things to Ask Yourself to Avoid Design Meetings from Hell

by Bianca Board on 20 February 2014

Now before I continue this article, I want to tell you loud and clear that I love my clients. Do you love your clients? Because I love mine.

They allow me to live the dream of being a truly independent designer! 

Thanks to them I have flexible work hours, I can work where I want (no gray-walled offices for me!!!) and I can produce the designs I want to create.

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7 Things to Include in Your Web Design Contracts

by Bianca Board on 28 February 2014

When you meet a client, it's usually at their most PASSIONATE, just when they’re about to start a new project or reinvigorate an old one. They believe in you, they trust you to bring their idea to life. 

It’s a wonderful and creative time, and that’s GREAT, but the sad reality is that even the best relationship can go sour...

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