The 5 Wisdoms You Need Before Becoming a Self-Employed Web Designer

by Bianca Board on 23 September 2013

I always wanted to own my own business. Mum said even when I was 10 and refused to wear shoes one day, I said to her "when I grow up, I'm going to run my own business so I don't have to wear shoes and I can have my music as loud as I want and no one can tell me otherwise."

I tell ya, I had to chuckle one day when I realised about a year in that I was indeed walking around my office music blaring and shoes nowhere to be seen! I'm such a defiant little b*tch, still to this day! 

When I decided to take the plunge though at 24, I did the one thing I think ultimately every real entrepreneur has to do... and that is dive head first into the deep end and hold my breath.

So what has 10 years in business given me, other than a lot more greys?

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25 *MORE* Inspirational Quotes About Design

by Bianca Board on 25 October 2013

A lot of people liked my first collection of inspirational quotes by designers and artists so I thought I’d share some more. Enjoy! 

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A Powerful Technique to Get Constructive Client Feedback the First Time [with FREE Download]

by Bianca Board on 6 December 2013
You’d have to agree with me when I say: “Getting feedback from a client is often like getting blood from a stone.” Well read this post to find out how to get that feedback first time... every time. And look out for my freebie at the end! You'll love it, I promise. It's okay, you can buy me a drink later to say thanks... [read more...]

How to Improve Your Design Business By Asking Your Clients One Simple Question

by Bianca Board on 13 December 2013

Do you know what one of best ways you can improve yourself as a designer and the work you produce? Basically it’s by asking your biggest critics... your very own clients.

And I know... that is a really scary prospect. When the job is done and the money has passed hands, clients can become BRUTALLY honest.

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9 Free 'Non-Stock' Photos Sites

by Bianca Board on 7 January 2014
A stock photo has its uses but a 'real' quality image makes a design stand out. Unfortunately our clients rarely have the budget to commission their own photographer, so, what's a designer to do? How about trying one of these copyright-free sites with real (yes real) photography?  [read more...]