Time Wasters, Tight-Asses And $500 Websites

View Comments by Bianca Board on 21 November 2014

Okay, let’s just get one thing straight…

You are worth more than $500 per website. Full stop.

Now say it with me:

“I am worth more than $500.”
“I am worth way more than $500 for a website.”
“I am talented and I have a lot to offer.”
“I know how to get my clients results.”
“I am in charge of who I work with.”
“My clients need my help.”
“I am expert at what I do.”
“I am worthy of what I charge.”
“I will not work on $500 websites.”
“I am worth more than that.”

You studied hard, you work your butt off and you’ve taken the biggest risk of all going out on your own. You don’t need some halfwit who has no idea about design telling you that you’re only worth $500 for 50+ hours work, right? Right? Right.

That’s slave labour. Complete hogwash. How dare they?! You could make more collecting cans in a shopping trolley.

So let me ask you…

What do you currently do when you’ve had one of those really super duper meetings where there’s never an uncomfortable silence, they hang on to your every word and it goes off like a frog in a sock…. AND THEN you hear the dreaded...

“But we only wanted to spend $500?”

Do you roll your eyes, start looking at your watch and think “Great, another fucking tyre kicker!”  

Or maybe you can slowly feel the blood rushing to your (now very red) chest, as you start on the uphill battle to manoeuvre around price, talk about results and awkwardly try to explain why you’re worth it? Your face is getting hotter and as hard as you try, deep down you’re already telling yourself you’ve lost it.

All the self-doubt, fear, anxiety, nerves -- it’s like when your Mum caught you stealing that time and you just wanted to run into a deep cave and hide. Hanging out with 1,000 bloody-thirsty bats seems more appealing than this handling this objection right now, yeah?

“Why me, what am I do wrong?”
“What did I say wrong?”
“Why are they all such tight-asses?”
“Why won’t they pay me what I’m worth?”
“Didn’t they see my work, I do good work…”
“But we hit it off so well, I was sure they’d go with me…”

And so the slippery slope continues.

You keep telling yourself you’re just attracting the wrong ‘type’ of clients.

You tweak your site. Tell yourself you need to get out and network some more. And start designing a flyer to ‘get more targeted’ in your approach.

But what if I told you a secret?

Something we’ve discovered just in the last year or so selling websites.

It took a while for us to get there, believe me. I’m in my 11th year of business now, we started Web123 5 years ago and since have launched over 1,500 websites for SMB clients.

And yet, we used to have all of those same fears, doubts and uncertainties for most of our business life.

What if I was to tell you this...

The majority of people that come to you wanting a website and saying they have a budget of $500 are NOT tyre kickers, time wasters or tight-asses.

“Ahhhh, WTF, gasp, shock horror... that’s bullshit Bianca, have you lost the plot?”

Pick your jaw off the floor honey, I’m deadly serious.

The majority (not every single prospect) but at least 80% of small businesses:

  1. Do have the money.

  2. Will spend the money.

  3. But just don’t see the value in spending the money… with YOU.

I know it hurts, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry if it feels like I just punched you in the guts, I really don’t want to make you feel crap about yourself but there’s a much bigger lesson to be learnt here.

And that is this...

If a prospect doesn’t buy from you, it means you haven’t effectively communicated the value you will bring for the investment they’re prepared to make.

Of course, there’s other factors in there too like trust, rapport, gut feelings and likeability -- sometimes you’re just not a fit and that’s okay. (It’s more a blessing in disguise I reckon.)

But if you’re losing out on website sales and feeling like you just can’t cut a break?

I bet that nine times out of ten, that’s where you’re going wrong.

So I have a gift for you.

It’s a big one.

And I don’t normally do this. In fact I’ve never done it before. 

I’m sharing with you one of my recent webinars that I ran for my private ProPartner reseller community just a couple of weeks ago.

We share exactly how we overcome this objection every day of the week, and how we turn a (so called) $500 budget into a $5,000 spend (and sometimes more) in a matter of minutes.

We share the exact question we throw back at prospects when they say they can only afford $500 -- which gets the most brutally honest responses you’ll be shocked.

And we dive deep into what we believe is the Anatomy of The Perfect Website Pitch that just happens to sell a shitload of websites for us every month. Like 30-40 websites, so a LOT!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want to help you close more sales.

For years I struggled to get this entrepreneur thing sorted and deep down I've always had this voice inside of me that said “One day you should teach other designers how to do this shit so they don’t have to struggle like you did.”

So I honestly believe I’ve been called to help you.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, I really can’t.

All my competitors could see exactly how we sell which could cost me a LOT sales. (I know who you are and I'm watching.)

It’s 94 minutes of top notch insights from my two top sales guns who sell 30-40 websites per month between them. One has sold 800 websites and the other has sold about 300 so they’ve perfected their pitch over THOUSANDS of hours of practice.

I know this information is so valuable that I could charge for it easily and in fact, I probably will end up charging for it soon. Am I bonkers or what?

So stay tuned as all will be revealed next week! :) 

Nothing like a bit of suspense now, is there?

Just before you go, quickly leave me a comment on what bugs you with selling websites and closing sales. I'd love to hear your thoughts so I can craft some more kick-ass help for you to really up the anti in your web business. Hit me!

What do you think? Share your comments below.


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