50 Annoying Things Clients Say to Graphic Designers

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I might be running a web design company these days, but I’ll never forget my roots as a solo graphic designer.

I’ve had a heap of great clients, but I’ll never forget the frustrating ones who always had crazy requests. I always did my best to keep them happy, but in the end I’ve realised the best policy to really silly requests is just to say ‘hell no!’.

I’ve asked around the Web123 office to compile a list of annoying things we've heard from often well-meaning clients, and I’ve thrown in some of my own too.


Here are the top 50 annoying things we've heard...

  1. "Can you make it look like this, but better?"
  2. "Can you start this straight away? I need it 5pm. No really, it's urgent."
  3. "But my target market is everybody."
  4. "Can you bold and underline all the text so it stands out?"
  5. "Hey great logo, now can you just throw in an awesome slogan too?"
  6. "I don't really have a design idea yet, but can you tell me how much it would cost?"
  7. "Why is there all this wasted real estate on the brochure?"
  8. "I need you to highlight it without drawing too much attention."
  9. "Can you make it really modern, with a retro flair?"
  10. "Can you just make the black a little lighter? Not grey though, just a lighter black."
  11. "I love the logo, but can you just make it pop a bit more?"
  12. "Hmm, I like the design, but can you just make it more professional?"
  13. "I need more polka-dots."
  14. "I know it's gone to print, but can we just make one more change?"
  15. "I don’t know what I want yet, but it isn’t that."
  16. "Why can’t you just use all the styling from my Word document?"
  17. "Can you just make my logo a little bigger? Nope, bigger again. Like to fill that whole area there, that should do it."
  18. "Hey I've got Photoshop, should I just do the design and then you make it more professional?"
  19. "I really like the colour, but can you change it?"
  20. "You’ve done what I asked, thanks, but it doesn’t make me feel that floaty feeling I was hoping it would."
  21. "Why don’t you give me 5 different looks and if I like them, I’ll pay."
  22. "What do you mean fonts cost money?"
  23. "Why are you writing everything in another language?!"
  24. "I’m the target market, and I don’t like it."
  25. "That dog on the banner doesn’t look like my dog at all." 
  26. "Can you turn this around in Photoshop so we can see the front better?"
  27. "Would there be a discount if I design it first in Paint?"
  28. "Why are you charging me for 10 mock-ups? I’m only paying for the design I want."
  29. "I’m a happy person so I want rainbow colours in my banner."
  30. "I’m not sure that a light bulb icon really represents an idea."
  31. "Sorry my invoice is late... can I have a discount IF I pay?"
  32. "Can you put a bird on it?"
  33. "Can you just save my website as a PDF so everyone here can review and comment before it goes live?"
  34. "Please just use Comic Sans. We need it look 'fun'."
  35. "Why are you charging me for a whole redesign? It was just a fresh mock up with new colors."
  36. "Can you reduce the design of the website, it doesn’t fit on my notebook?"
  37. "Great design, love it all, can you come to our office for feedback?"
  38. "Can't you just Photoshop it?"
  39. "Love the design, it's perfect, but can you change it?"
  40. "I’ve just contracted another designer to work on your designs. Can you just send me all your working files?"
  41. "I want the screen to shake every time you click on a news item.. so it's like earth shattering news!"
  42. "Can I see your work in progress so far?"
  43. "Tell you what, let’s start again from scratch."
  44. "Why is your invoice so high? I could’ve gotten it cheaper on Elance."
  45. "Can you copy my competitor’s brochure exactly, but make it different?"
  46. "Can you choose different pet pictures? They’re not sexy enough."
  47. "You haven’t put enough design in it."
  48. "Your PowerPoint presentation looks too PowerPointy."
  49. "No pressure, but I need it ASAP."
  50. "Can you just {{anything!!!!}}." 


Got your own stories of crazy client requests? I'd love you to add your experiences by commenting down below!

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