The Top 5 Financial Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

by Bianca Board on 2 October 2013

Running your own design business and being your own boss should be fun. And it is! It's great to have full creative control over your designs (well except for those pesky clients with their opinions, lol).

Yep, it's great living like a boss, not to mention if you want to go home early... you can! Geez it's so much fun, what on earth could go wrong?

Well... unfortunately all this fun and freedom has a cost. And the cost is: responsibility. And your biggest (and most painful) responsibility is the money, right? 

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50 Annoying Things Clients Say to Graphic Designers

by Bianca Board on 30 September 2013

I might be running a web design company these days, but I'll never forget my roots as a solo graphic designer.

I’ve had a heap of great clients, but I’ll never forget the frustrating ones who always had crazy requests. I always did my best to keep them happy, but in the end I’ve realised the best policy to really silly requests is just to say ‘hell no!’.

I’ve asked around the Web123 office to compile a list of annoying things we've heard from often well-meaning clients, and I’ve thrown in some of my own too.

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How To Become A Graphic Design Rockstar: Be Controversial

by Bianca Board on 29 September 2013

When I was researching inspirational quotes by designers I came across so many I loved and wanted to share with you. There were so many that made me stop and think. But, there was one EXTRA special one that made me pause... and not because it was inspirational, but because it annoyed the hell out of me!

It was a completely self-obsessed and arrogant comment that reminded me of a few bad-egg designers who I’d worked with in the past... designers I didn’t want to work with again. 

Here’s the quote and you’ll see what I mean: 

"Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs." - Frank Chimero.

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The 6 Dangers of Building a Website from Scratch

by Bianca Board on 24 September 2013

As a web designer, I’ve heard all the pros and cons of using templates or layouts over building a website from scratch.

If you’re a creative genius, I don’t blame you for finding the idea of building a website from scratch appealing. It certainly appealed to me when I was a young designer who was still wet behind the ears!

Building a website from scratch every time sounds good on paper. BUT but in practise, building a unique website for every one of your clients can be time consuming, expensive and keyboard destroyingly frustrating.

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The 5 Wisdoms You Need Before Becoming a Self-Employed Web Designer

by Bianca Board on 23 September 2013

I always wanted to own my own business. Mum said even when I was 10 and refused to wear shoes one day, I said to her "when I grow up, I'm going to run my own business so I don't have to wear shoes and I can have my music as loud as I want and no one can tell me otherwise."

I tell ya, I had to chuckle one day when I realised about a year in that I was indeed walking around my office music blaring and shoes nowhere to be seen! I'm such a defiant little b*tch, still to this day! 

When I decided to take the plunge though at 24, I did the one thing I think ultimately every real entrepreneur has to do... and that is dive head first into the deep end and hold my breath.

So what has 10 years in business given me, other than a lot more greys?

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10 Tips For Turning Your Design Clients Into Your Personal Marketing Machines.

by Bianca Board on 21 September 2013

Do you remember when you first got into graphic design and it was all sunshine and lollypops? I remember meeting my first few clients and actually being excited for the ‘amazing’ opportunity of designing a sewerage management treatment brochure. I shit you not! ;-)

These days it gets a little harder to stay ‘excited’, doesn’t it? And I’ll admit, although I still love graphic design and web design, the passion starts to falter a little bit. Especially when you’re dealing with a difficult client  or working on the dullest website imaginable. So whaddoya do?

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25 Inspirational Quotes About Design

by Bianca Board on 17 September 2013

I know I may seem all about the business end of design these days, but truly, art will always inspire me. And the people who create art inspire me just as much. That’s why when I’m feeling extra stressed I’ll put up inspirational quotes by designers, even on post-it notes on the back of my bedroom door so I’m randomly reminded why I do what I do.

Here are some great design quotes, and if just one inspires you today, then I’ve done my job! 

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