5 Reasons Why You Should Give Away Ideas

by on 13 March 2014

Here’s a million dollar question. How do you prove to a potential client that you’re awesome?

You could tell them you’re a web design rockstar, and they might believe you. But, more likely, they’ll just think you’re up yourself (no one wants to hire an arrogant designer). Instead, you could show them your portfolio and hope it speaks for itself, but that’s usually not enough. So, what’s a designer to do?

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How to Quote Without Going Broke

by on 6 March 2014

I receive a lot of emails from new freelancers wondering how to cost projects profitably, how to set healthy margins... you know, all the stuff we don’t get taught in design school! 

Sometimes we get too busy to handle a job ourselves, so we hire a design contractor to handle it for us. That’s a great position to be in, but not if you’re not charging enough... 

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7 Things to Include in Your Web Design Contracts

by Bianca Board on 28 February 2014

When you meet a client, it's usually at their most PASSIONATE, just when they’re about to start a new project or reinvigorate an old one. They believe in you, they trust you to bring their idea to life. 

It’s a wonderful and creative time, and that’s GREAT, but the sad reality is that even the best relationship can go sour...

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5 Things to Ask Yourself to Avoid Design Meetings from Hell

by Bianca Board on 20 February 2014

Now before I continue this article, I want to tell you loud and clear that I love my clients. Do you love your clients? Because I love mine.

They allow me to live the dream of being a truly independent designer! 

Thanks to them I have flexible work hours, I can work where I want (no gray-walled offices for me!!!) and I can produce the designs I want to create.

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9 Free 'Non-Stock' Photos Sites

by Bianca Board on 7 January 2014
A stock photo has its uses but a 'real' quality image makes a design stand out. Unfortunately our clients rarely have the budget to commission their own photographer, so, what's a designer to do? How about trying one of these copyright-free sites with real (yes real) photography?  [read more...]

5 Time Management Tips For Creative People

by Bianca Board on 19 December 2013

I've already blogged about how I realised that my faulty mindset was the main reason why I wasn't achieving the success and freedom I’d hoped for. But there was one more hurdle to overcome: Time management! 

Clearly with 20 staff members over Australia and a growing web design business I've cracked the time management thing (most days). So here's the top 5 tips I've learned...

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How to Improve Your Design Business By Asking Your Clients One Simple Question

by Bianca Board on 13 December 2013

Do you know what one of best ways you can improve yourself as a designer and the work you produce? Basically it’s by asking your biggest critics... your very own clients.

And I know... that is a really scary prospect. When the job is done and the money has passed hands, clients can become BRUTALLY honest.

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A Powerful Technique to Get Constructive Client Feedback the First Time [with FREE Download]

by Bianca Board on 6 December 2013
You’d have to agree with me when I say: “Getting feedback from a client is often like getting blood from a stone.” Well read this post to find out how to get that feedback first time... every time. And look out for my freebie at the end! You'll love it, I promise. It's okay, you can buy me a drink later to say thanks... [read more...]