Anatomy of the Perfect Website Pitch That Sells 30+ Websites P/Mth

by Bianca Board on 28 November 2014

Last week we talked about Time Wasters, Tight-Asses and $500 Websites. It was great to see such an interesting and passionate conversation bubble up from it. (And one shirty email about the profanity in the title! Oops, sorry about that.)

We talked about the guilt of giving up too early, the AMEN’s to selling on value and the sheer frustration with stingy clients who think you should work for peanuts. 

It was brilliant. If you haven’t read it it, go check it out now and come back.

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Time Wasters, Tight-Asses And $500 Websites

by Bianca Board on 21 November 2014

Okay, let’s just get one thing straight… You are worth more than $500 per website. Full stop. Now say it with me:

“I am worth more than $500 a website.”
“I am worth way more than $500 for a website.”

You studied hard, you work your butt off and you’ve taken the biggest risk of all going out on your own. You don’t need some halfwit who has no idea about design telling you that you’re only worth $500 for 50+ hours work, right? Right? Right. [read more...]

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

by on 14 November 2014

You may have noticed I didn’t publish a blog last Friday. Why? Because I decided to give myself a break. It’s been a really tough few weeks (nothing compared to this week but anyway, still hard) and I knew I just needed to get away from it all.

I knew I had a million things to do, including writing a post just for you, and I even considered taking my laptop so I could work from our boat. But I quickly bitch-slapped myself and said “Don’t be stupid, they’ll understand, you work bloody hard, you deserve to take a day off. Tell ‘em all about it next week”.

Which is what today’s post is about…

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